Guangdong Lencolo New Material Co., Ltd.
Name:Guangdong Lencolo New Material Co., Ltd.
Tel:+89 18027001037
About Us
Guangdong Lencolo New Material Co., Ltd. is located in the middle of the rich and practical Guangzhou-Shenzhen Economic Corridor --- Dongguan City. Lencolo is a group of pure young people who come together because of a common dream, who are committed to boosting the rapid development of China's functional new materials. We have developed from the weak “Sanqi New Material” at the beginning of our business to “Lencolo New Material” as a dark horse in current industry. Along the way, fortunately, we have received strong support from all our customers and friends. Lencolo has developed rapidly and grown stronger in the industry, based on the forefront of the development of light-curing UV material industry, and has a number of invention patents. "Lencolo" officially became a reg..
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