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About Us
Guangdong Lencolo New Material Co., Ltd. is located in the middle of the rich and practical Guangzhou-Shenzhen Economic Corridor --- Dongguan City. Lencolo is a group of pure young people who come together because of a common dream, who are committed to boosting the rapid development of China's functional new materials. We have developed from the weak “Sanqi New Material” at the beginning of our business to “Lencolo New Material” as a dark horse in current industry. Along the way, fortunately, we have received strong support from all our customers and friends. Lencolo has developed rapidly and grown stronger in the industry, based on the forefront of the development of light-curing UV material industry, and has a number of invention patents. "Lencolo" officially became a registered brand in 2017, since then focusing on brand promotion, product development, marketing, technical support and after-sales service of functional new materials. Lencolo brand products include: anti-graffiti anti-fouling resin, matte resin, elastic feel UV resin, dual curing resin, wear resistant UV resin, high stretch UV resin, UV transfer adhesive, UV hardening liquid , high adhesion PU resin, high fullness PU resin, water-based one-component resin, water-based high wear-resistant PU resin, water-based UV resin, a series of very characteristic functional resins and high-tech materials. In order to fully cooperate with customers in scientific research and development, Lencolo has d a series of functional additives, such as: special dispersant for matte powder, fast defoamer for UV system, recoatable leveling agent for silk screen printing, anti-fingerprint additives, anti-fingerprint anti-graffiti additives , silky feel agent and other products. Lencolo brand products are widely used in: various light-curing UV coatings, light-curing UV inks, light-curing UV adhesives, 3C electronic products, automotive interior and exterior parts, furniture coating, packaging printing, various functional film surfaces Hardening and wear-resistant treatment and other industrial fields. Lencolo has a strong technical research and development force, advanced testing equipment, and a professional marketing team. In the fierce market competition: adhere to the "integrity, responsibility, execution, learning, innovation, and transcendence" With the service tenet of "optimizing product quality, reducing customer costs, and exceeding customer expectations", adhere to the mission of "promoting the accelerated development of functional new materials in China", and adhere to the principle of "creating functional resins, additives, and new material integration application technology platforms " for development goals. After years of tenacious fighting, Lencolo has won the sincere cooperation and sincere trust of customers and suppliers. Using this opportunity, Lencolo sincerely appreciate all customers’ trust and support. Your satisfaction, our pursuit. We Lencolo will always do our best to serve you, thank you.
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