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Product Name: L-6030 UV Pure Acrylic Resin for Paper Varnish
CAS No: N/a
Product Type: Coatings and Paints -> Coating
Product spec: 25kgdrum
Packing: drum
Post Time: 2023-09-19
Usage: UV vacuum coatings, TPU UV vacuum coatings, UV high-gloss varnish, UV plastic coatings, UV silk varnish, paper varnish, etc.
Description: Deion L-6030 is a specially modified pure acrylic resin. The product has the advantages of good flexibility, high curing rate, very low shrinkage, good adhesion to metals, and good compatibility with dyes and color pastes. Chemical & physical data Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Viscosity (25℃, CPS) 20000-35000CPS Chroma (Gardner) ≤1 UV Component (%) 100% Density (g/cm3,25℃) 1.1±0.1 Acid value (mgkoH/g) ≤5 Functional group number 2 Performance Good flexibility, fast curing rate, reduce shrinkage of UV coatings Good adhesion between layers Good compatibility with dyes and colorants Good adhesion to metals, coatings, melamine plates and acrylic plates Good compatibility with various resins
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