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Product Name: L-6906 Dual Cure UV Curing Oligomer for Base Coating, Top Coatin
CAS No: UV Curing Oligomer
Product Type: Coatings and Paints -> Coating
Product spec: 25kgdrum
Packing: drum
Post Time: 2023-09-19
Usage: Dual-curing UV varnish and anti-graffiti UV varnish on various plastics, adhesives, dual-curing UV inks, mobile phone glass protection inks, automotive interior dual-curing UV coatings, functional film hardening, etc.
Description: L-6906 is special modified UV polyurethane resin, containing a certain hydroxyl group, can be combined with isocyanate to make a dual-curing coating with certain adhesion on inorganic glass and hardware surfaces, good leveling, good anti-fouling performance, and durability of anti-fouling powerful. It has adhesion to various substrates such as PC, ABS, PMMA, paper, leather, artificial leather, etc. It can be used as a modifier for UV coatings and the main resin for dual-curing UV coatings. Chemical & physical data Appearance Transparent liquid Viscosity (25℃, CPS) 8000~14000 CPS UV Component (%) 85%±2 Density (g/cm3,25℃) 1.1±0.1 Acid value (mgkoH/g) 2-5 OH value (mg KOH/g) 105 Functional group number 3 Performance High hardness, good toughness, can effectively improve the vibration and wear resistance Contains hydroxyl, can be used as dual-curing UV coating Low shrinkage, good adhesion, good weather resistance Resistant to boiling and blisters Good leveling, good anti-fouling performance, strong anti-fouling durability.
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